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PhD Course in Life Sciences and Biotechnologies
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The PhD Course in Life Sciences and Biotechnologies provides students with the theoretical and practical knowledge to conduct high quality research in the complex, multidisciplinary, fast-growing field of biological events and their molecular bases, in all their aspects and applications.
PhD graduates at in the Course will be ready to work in several fields such as: biochemistry, clinical biochemistry, molecular biology, space biology, microbiology and immunology, human and animal virology, specialised branches of human and veterinary molecular medicine, environmental protection etc.
By bringing together different resources and expertise, the Course provides students with a sound educational basis, a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary international approach, thanks to the collaboration of 32 teaching staff units, in particular: 19 professors and researchers of the University of Sassari and 13 foreign professors and researchers coming from Australia, Austria, China, Croatia, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and South Africa.
Indeed, the awareness that Life, in all its facets, is proven to have a molecular basis, results in the teaching of all common technical and methodological approaches implemented in its study and analysis.

The need for both basic and advanced multidisciplinary expertise operators of several research and production sectors give reasons for the development of 4 complex thematic area:

icon logo 1 - Biochemistry, Physiology and Molecular Biology.

icon logo 2 - Microbiology and Immunology.

icon logo 3 - Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Proteomics.

icon logo 4 - Evolutionary Biology

PhD Course duration and enrollment years

The Course has a three-year duration. This is known in Italian as "ciclo" (or "cycle" in English) according to the Italian Ministry of University and Education Guidelines. Each "ciclo" is indicated with a progressive Roman numeral and each year a new Course having three-year duration is launched, through an Open Call and Selections procedures for Admission. Number of positions and fellowships available are indicated into the Open Call document.
Currently active Courses:
Ciclo XXXIII (Years 2017-2020
Ciclo XXXII (Years 2016-2019)
 Ciclo XXXI (years 2015-2018)

PhD Course Governing bodies

logo Coordinator:
The Course Coordinator is the Head of the PhD Course in charge for organization and administration of Course actvities, with a focus on training activities implementation.
Coordinator: Prof. Leonardo A. Sechi
Vice-Coordinator: Prof. Claudia Crosio

logo PhD Committee
It is formed by the the PhD Fellows and is in charge for Course planning and implementation. It takes decisions on training activities, addressing and giving guidance to PhD Students during scientific research activities aimed at fulfilling course goals.

logo PhD Executive Committee
This is a restricted group of Fellows elected by the PhD Committee to take decisions on practical activities related to Course administration. It is currently formed by the following members:

Prof. Leonardo A. Sechi (President)
Prof. Claudia Crosio (Biochemistry, Physiology and Molecular Biology)
Prof. Alberto Alberti (Microbiology ed Immunology)
Prof. Ciriaco Carru (Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Proteomics)
Prof. Marco Apollonio (Evolutionary Biology)

PhD Course Support Staff

Dr. Giovanni Sini - +39 079 228514

  • Headquarters:
    Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche, Via Muroni, 25 Sassari.
  • PhD Course Coordinator:
    Prof. Leonardo A. Sechi
    Tel. +39 079 228462
  • Course Duration:
    3 Years

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PhD Course in Life Sciences and Biotecnologies - International PhD School in Biomolecular and Biotechnological Sciences
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