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Evaluation of Early Markers of Nephropathy in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.
De Muro P, Lepedda AJ, Nieddu G, Idini M, Tram Nguyen HQ, Lobina O, Fresu P, Formato M.
(2016) Biochemistry research international  (Biochem Res Int) - ISSN: 2090-2247 - ISSN(Electronic): 2090-2255
Immune compatible cystine-functionalized superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles as vascular contrast agents in ultrasonography.
Dolci S, Domenici V, Vidili G, Orecchioni M, Bandiera P, Madeddu R, Farace C, Peana M, Tiné MR, Manetti R, Sgarrella F, Delogu LG .
(2016) RSC advances  (RSC Adv) - ISSN(Electronic): 2046-2069
Immune cell impact of three differently coated lipid nanocapsules: pluronic, chitosan and polyethylene glycol.
Farace C, Sánchez-Moreno P, Orecchioni M, Manetti R, Sgarrella F, Asara Y, Peula-García JM, Marchal JA, Madeddu R, Delogu LG.
(2016) Scientific reports (Sci Rep) - ISSN(Electronic): 2045-2322
The aliens inside human DNA: the MSRV/HERV-W/Syncytin-1 endogenous retroviruses and neurodegeneration.
A. Dolei, C. Serra, E. Uleri, G. Ibba, M. Caocci, C. Piu.
(2015) Journal Of Infection In Developing Countries (J Infect Dev Ctries) - ISSN: 2036-6590 - ISSN(Electronic): 1972-268
Graphene as cancer theranostic tool: progress and future challenges.
Orecchioni M, Cabizza R, Bianco A, Delogu LG.
(2015) Theranostics  (Theranostics) - ISSN(Electronic): 1838-7640
Molecular and genomic impact of large and small lateral dimension graphene oxide sheets on human immune cells from healthy donors.
Orecchioni M, Jasim D, Pescatori M, Manetti R, Fozza C, Sgarrella F, Bedognetti D, Bianco A, Kostarelos K, Delogu LG.
(2015) Advanced healthcare materials (Adv Healthc Mater) - ISSN: 2192-2640 - ISSN(Electronic): 2192-2659
An overview of Staphylococcus epidermidis and Staphylococcus aureus with a focus on developing countries.
Chessa D, Ganau G, Mazzarello V..
(2015) Journal Of Infection In Developing Countries (J Infect Dev Ctries) - ISSN: 2036-6590 - ISSN(Electronic): 1972-268
Carbon nanomaterials as contrast agents for breast cancer diagnosis and therapy.
Dolci S, Domenici V, Vidili G, Avitabile E, Orecchioni M, Bianco A, Delogu LG.
(2015) Journal for immunotherapy of cancer (J Immunother Cancer) - ISSN(Electronic): 2051-1426
Epitopes of HERV-Wenv induce antigen-specific humoral immunity in multiple sclerosis patients.
Mameli G, Cossu D, Cocco E, Frau J, Marrosu MG, Niegowska M, Sechi LA.
(2015) Journal Of Neuroimmunology (J Neuroimmunol) - ISSN: 0165-5728 - ISSN(Electronic): 1872-8421
Sensory neuropathy hampers nociception-mediated bone marrow stem cell release in mice and patients with diabetes.
Dang Z, Maselli D, Spinetti G, Sangalli E, Carnelli F, Rosa F, Seganfreddo E, Canal F, Furlan A, Paccagnella A, Paiola E, Lorusso B, Specchia C, Albiero M, Cappellari R, Avogaro A, Falco A, Quaini F, Ou K, Rodriguez-Arabaolaza I, Emanueli C, Sambataro M, Fadini GP, Madeddu P.
(2015) Diabetologia (Diabetologia) - ISSN: 0012-186X - ISSN(Electronic): 1432-0428
Investigation of HER2 expression in canine mammary tumors by antibody-based, transcriptomic and mass spectrometry analysis: is the dog a suitable animal model for human breast cancer?.
Burrai GP, Tanca A, De Miglio MR, Abbondio M, Pisanu S, Polinas M, Pirino S, Mohammed SI, Uzzau S, Addis MF, Antuofermo E.
(2015) Tumour biology (Tumour Biol) - ISSN: 1010-4283 - ISSN(Electronic): 1423-0380
Isolation and Characterization of Human Lung Lymphatic Endothelial Cells.
Lorusso B, Falco A, Madeddu D, Frati C, Cavalli S, Graiani G, Gervasi A, Rinaldi L, Lagrasta C,Maselli D, Gnetti L, Silini EM, Quaini E, Ampollini L, Carbognani P, Quaini F.
(2015) BioMed research international  (Biomed Res Int) - ISSN: 2314-6133 - ISSN(Electronic): 2314-6141
Lack of humoral response against Helicobacter pylori peptides homologues to human ZnT8 in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis subjects.
Masala S, Cossu D, Niegowska M, Mameli G, Paccagnini D, Sechi LA.
(2015) Journal Of Infection In Developing Countries (J Infect Dev Ctries) - ISSN: 2036-6590 - ISSN(Electronic): 1972-268
Scavenging on ungulate carcasses in an Apennine mountainous area.
Battocchio D., Bassi E., Marcon A., Stahlberg S., Apollonio M.
(2015) Folia zoologica (Folia Zool) - ISSN: 0139-7893
Partial activation of natural killer and ?? T cells by classical swine fever viruses is associated with type i interferon elicited from plasmacytoid dendritic cells.
Franzoni G, Edwards JC, Kurkure NV, Edgar DS, Sanchez-Cordon PJ, Haines FJ, Salguero FJ, Everett HE, Bodman-Smith KB, Crooke HR, Graham SP.
(2014) Clinical and vaccine immunology (Clin Vaccine Immunol) - ISSN: 1556-6811 - ISSN(Electronic): 1556-679X
Equus asinus Papillomavirus (EaPV1) provides new insights into equine papillomavirus diversity.
Lecis R., Tore G., Scagliarini A., Antuofermo E., Dedola C., Cacciotto C., Dore G.M., Coradduzza E., Gallina L., Battilani M., Anfossi A.G., Muzzeddu M., Chessa B., Pittau M., Alberti A.
(2014) Veterinary microbiology (Vet Microbiol) - ISSN: 0378-1135 - ISSN(Electronic): 1873-2542
Impact of carbon nanotubes and graphene on immune cells.
Orecchioni M, Bedognetti D, Sgarrella F, Marincola FM, Bianco A, Delogu LG.
(2014) Journal of translational medicine  (J Transl Med) - ISSN(Electronic): 1479-5876
Immunomodulatory properties of carbon nanotubes are able to compensate immune function dysregulation caused by microgravity conditions.
Crescio C, Orecchioni M, Ménard-Moyon C, Sgarrella F, Pippia P, Manetti R, Bianco A, Delogu LG.
(2014) Nanoscale (Nanoscale) - ISSN: 2040-3364 - ISSN(Electronic): 2040-3372
Lipopolysaccharides belonging to different Salmonella serovars are differentially capable of activating Toll-like receptor 4.
Chessa D, Spiga L, De Riu N, Delaconi P, Mazzarello V, Ganau G, Rubino S.
(2014) Infection and immunity (Infect Immun) - ISSN: 0019-9567 - ISSN(Electronic): 1098-5522
Single-step green synthesis and characterization of gold-conjugated polyphenol nanoparticles with antioxidant and biological activities.
Sanna V, Pala N, Dessì G, Manconi P, Mariani A, Dedola S, RASSU M., Crosio C, Iaccarino C, Sechi M.
(2014) International journal of nanomedicine (Int J Nanomedicine) - ISSN: 1176-9114 - ISSN(Electronic): 1178-2013
Absence of canine papillomavirus sequences in canine mammary tumours.
Sardon D, Blundell R, Burrai GP, Alberti A, Tore G, Passino ES, Antuofermo E.
(2014) Journal of comparative pathology (J Comp Pathol) - ISSN: 0021-9975 - ISSN(Electronic): 1532-3129
Assessment of the phenotype and functionality of porcine cd8 t cell responses following vaccination with live attenuated classical swine fever virus (CSFV) and virulent CSFV challenge.
Franzoni G, Kurkure NV, Edgar DS, Everett HE, Gerner W, Bodman-Smith KB, Crooke HR, Grahama SP.
(2013) Clinical and vaccine immunology (Clin Vaccine Immunol) - ISSN: 1556-6811 - ISSN(Electronic): 1556-679X
Proteome-wide screening reveals immunodominance in the CD8 T cell response against classical swine fever virus with antigen-specificity dependent on MHC class I haplotype expression.
Franzoni G, Kurkure NV, Essler SE, Pedrera M, Everett HE, Bodman-Smith KB, Crooke HR, Graham SP.
(2013) PloS One (PloS One) - ISSN(Electronic): 1932-6203
Mycoplasma agalactiae MAG_5040 is a Mg2+-dependent, sugar-nonspecific SNase recognised by the host humoral response during natural infection.
Cacciotto C, Addis MF, Coradduzza E, Carcangiu L, Nuvoli AM, Tore G, Dore GM, Pagnozzi D, Uzzau S, Chessa B, Pittau M, Alberti A.
(2013) PloS One (PloS One) - ISSN(Electronic): 1932-6203
Isolation of Salmonella Mutants Resistant to the Inhibitory Effect of Salicylidene acylhydrazides on Flagella-Mediated Motility.
Martinez-Argudo I, Veenendaal AKJ, Liu X, Roehrich AD, Ronessen MC, Franzoni G, van Rietschoten KN, Morimoto YV, Saijo-Hamano Y, Avison MB, Studholme DJ, Namba K, Minamino T, Blocker AJ.
(2013) PloS One (PloS One) - ISSN(Electronic): 1932-6203

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