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Here you can find some useful short guides regarding the PhD Course activities.

Attending seminars, conferences and other events: how to be remboursed?

The PhD Course gives grants to PhD students who wish to take part to events such as conferences, seminars and workshops in Italy or abroad.
Expenses for Conference attendance are remboursed only if the students gives a presentation (i.e. oral or poster presentation).
Attendance always has to be authorized by the PhD Course Committee. The total amount to be remboursed is decided each year by the PhD Committee.

How to apply to get a remboursement:

  1. The Tutor should send a Form named Events Attendance Proposal (download doc - odt) to the PhD Course Director (Prof. Leonardo A. Sechi), 15 days before the event or at the time of Abstract submission for Conference attendance (title and authors of oral presentation should be mentioned into the Form).
    Each application to take part to events will be discussed and authorized or denied by the PhD Course Committee during the first scheduled meeting. If no meeting is scheduled before the selected event, the PhD Course Director can decide whether approving or denying attendance.

  2. Following the PhD Course Committee approval to the Attendance Request, the Student will have to fill the Form named Events Attendance Request (download doc - odt - pdf) signed by the Tutor, the PhD Course Director and the the Biomedical Science Department Director (Prof. Pier Luigi Fiori). This application form together with the PhD Course Committee authorization must be handed to one of the two Biomedical Science Department Administrative Offices (Viale San Pietro 43/B or Via Muroni 25, Sassari).

  3. After event attendance, the Student will have to fill the Form named Request for Remboursement (download doc - odt - pdf), enclosing all receipts, invoices and other documents related to expenses; these documents have to be delivered at the Biomedical Science Department Administrative Offices (Viale San Pietro 43/B, Sassari).

PhD Course training activities and events attendance: how to fill the monthly report

attestatoEach month PhD Students have to fill and send to the PhD Course Director Staff some documents to Report the activities carried out.

How to fill and send the monthly report:

Please note that these instructions are addressed only to International PhD Students, Italian PhD Students receiving RAS/POR grants should refer to the Italian version.

The Report should be sent to the Phd Director Staff by the second day of each month, for activities carried out during the previous month.

It consists of the following documents:

  1. Tutor Report: the tutor certifies that all scheduled PhD activities have been carried out (this report should be printed on official University or Department paper);
  2. Monthly Report for “Research and Training Activities”, it is the first sheet into the “Monthly Report” Document
    xls_icon Microsoft Excel Form
    ods_icon OpenOffice Calc Form
  3. Monthly Report for “Conferences and Seminars attended”, it is the second sheet into the “Monthly Report” Document (see above);
  4. Monthly Report for “Tutor actvities”, it is the third sheet into the “Monthly Report” Document (see above);

Please fill the forms, print and sign them. Note that the forms have to be signed by the Student and the Tutor.
All Reports must be handed to the PhD Staff at the Biomedical Sciences Department, via Muroni 25, third floor, room 302. Also scanned copies can be accepted, please send via mail to:

icon logo How to fill the Report, some technical notes:
The Report is available both in Microsoft Excel (xls_icon xls) and OpenOffice Calc (ods_icon ods) formats. You can choose to use one or the other, according to the software available in your personal computer.
The file consists of three different worksheets: “Research and Training Activities”, “Conferences and Seminars attended”, “Tutor activities”.
You should always start filling from the first sheet as all data inserted into the first are copied by the software into the folllowing sheets. Do not modify cells in light grey colour that are automatically filled by the software. Cells indicating months and year have a menu with a list of months/years that can be selected. Do not add or erase rows and columns as the automatic fillig system could stop working.
Once you have filled the sheets you can proceed to printing and adding Student’s and Tutor’s signatures where indicated.

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